Who Sells Inspirational Music?

Inspirational music, at this time, is clearly an unclaimed category.  That’s why it is such an exciting business venture.  Its potential customers are listed in the millions at a time when the whole concept of the need for Inspiration around the world is mighty.  There are a growing handful of players in the category.

The following websites are the top seeds on Google search engines for “Inspirational Music” and “Christian Music”.

Inspirationline.com This site is the #1 site on Google for Inspirational Music and gives away free digital downloads, but all the songs are basically rip-offs of known artists.

eztracks.com Gives away some rip-offs of known artists and also sells them as Digital Down Loads (DDLs) through i-Tunes.  Both of these sites demand email info before doing anything.

Inspirationalldsmusic.com This is an LDS (Mormon) site.  It is handled well, but only sells LDS music (37 Artists).  Does not sell DDLs or Hard Goods on the site.

Christiantuner.com A Christian Music radio station. Not ecommerce.

Winamp.com One can download free Inspirational music with the purchase of the Winamp software.  Music production is not particularly good.

Calabashmusic.com This is really a World Music site with a small Inspirational category.  When you find something you like, and start the purchase, it takes you to eztracks.com which then takes you to i-Tunes for final purchase.  Long and involved process.

Amazon/inspirational.com A very odd division of Amazon.  Deeply unorganized.  No separation of genres – everything lumped together in a hodge-podge.  About 140 titles.  An Amazon afterthought.

Mienet.com This also is an odd Christian site that promotes Christian product (books, movies, knick-knacks) but strangely enough sells secular music and as far as we can tell, doesn’t really have Christian music.

Christianmusic.com A reference site only.  No ecommerce.  If you want to buy, it takes you to musicchristian.com.

Musicoffaith.com Non-original artist ripoffs.  Offers free music, but no hard goods sales.

Christianity.com Same as above.

Musicchristian.com Reference site only.  Very confusing.

Integritymusic.com This is one of the big 3 of Christian Music Labels.  They command 13.5 percent of the label market share.  Site is excellent, between 20 & 30 Christian music stars, they sell hard goods CDs off site but no DDLs.

Sparrowrecords.com This is another one of the big 3 of Christian Music Labels. Site is excellent, they have 24 Christian music stars.  They sell no hard good CDs off site or DDLs.

wordlabelgroup.com This is the number one of the big 3 of Christian Music Labels. Site is excellent, they have 22 Christian music stars, they sell hard goods CDs off site but no DDLs.

Singingnews.com This is an on-line Christian magazine that is reference only.  They talk about Christian music but sell no music off the site.

Watchfiremusic.com With free music downloads without prior email address commitments, a roster of 56 Inspirational artists, video, and both hard good and DDL sales right from the site, WFM is already placed as one of the leaders of both the Inspirational and Christian music website categories.

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