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These days I just wake up excited. Any day now Watchfire Music will have its new site up. It’s all a bit like building a new dream house and anticipating the day you move in. About seven of us have worked like dogs over the past 4 months to design this amazing virtual space and the endeavor, though long overdue, will be so worth the effort to all of us who are into Inspirational music.

Watchfire Music Website

We used to be on an ASP format – a clunky, difficult to manage, Web1.0 format that held us back from adding new things and basically being creative.  We have now moved to a Lynux system that is state-of-the-art and will enable us to serve the public in unimaginable and creative ways.

We have also totally redesigned the site with an eye towards ease of use, logical navigation and one click travel. We recognize that our customers have a widely varying degree of web skills and so our intention is to make the WFM experience as simple and intuitive as possible. Get the technical out of the way so you can play.

Our sheet music division is growing by leaps and bounds and so we have spent great time and thought on making the experience of searching, finding and buying a piece of sheet music a total joy. Search engines are scary to some people, so we’ve made ours super friendly, hugely intuitive and profoundly efficient. You’ll be able to search by Bible verse, Bible citation, Composer, Lyricist, Song title, key range, single words and phrases, instrumentation, and a myriad of other choices.

Coming just around the corner are two exciting new features: WFM Radio – an inspirational music station that you’ll be able to pick your genre and play and also take with you through the day as you surf the web or just hang out. We’ll also have a Bulletin Board where people can chat and communicate about all things inspirational.

Most exciting is our totally new Video platform.  Not only will you be able to watch videos of all your favorite WFM artists, but you can also visit our Best Of The Web Collection of all the most inspirational videos on the web today and from the past. Eventually, you’ll be able to also post your own Inspirational videos and share them with the world.

We’re adding new artists every day and filling our 20 genres of music with new great artists to choose from. Finding these artists will be easier and you’ll be able to hear all their songs, buy singles, CDs (both downloads and hard goods) and learn about each artist.

But I’m not going to give away all the surprises in store. You’ll see for yourself very soon. In the meantime, listen, explore and shop – get inspired.

If this sounds like an advertisement, it is! We just want to share the enthusiasm and get you to be as excited about what’s coming as we are. We originally announced June 1st, but as we saw the site evolve both in design and ease-ability, we kept getting new and better ideas about how to do things and how to make things easier for you, so we decided to do these things right away. So we’re still workin’ on it. Every day is a new Inspiration.

Patience will have its perfect work.

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