Jenny Burton’s New CD – Released

Jenny Burton, inspirational music artistFrom the weekly feature – Insight – written by Peter Link for Watchfire Music subscribers.

I’ve been most fortunate to spend the last 25 years working with one of the great inspirational music artists of our time – Jenny Burton.

Anyone who has ever had the opportunity to catch her performances with The Jenny Burton Experience (JBX) here in NYC where she ran sold out for 7 years, will attest to the force of her stage personality, the power of her voice and to her depth of commitment to the moment.

Night after night I sat in the back of the hall and watched as she tore the house down, brought people to their feet and rocked their proverbial boats.

I watched her grow from a vocalist/performer who didn’t really want to talk – just sing – to a hilarious improvisational comedienne who could keep the audience in stitches and then turn on a heel and have them weeping in the next moment.

Jenny could tear your heart out with a ballad and send you through the roof with an up song. She could do it all. And with her 9-voice choir behind her singing superb vocal arrangements by Margaret Dorn, Jenny was one of New York’s hottest long-running tickets. We turned people away with packed houses night after night.

One critic said it best. “If you can’t put aside a Thursday night to catch “The Jenny Burton Experience” at midtown’s Don’t Tell Mama, you can always toss 10 sticks of dynamite into your tool shed and watch the roof take off for the stratosphere.” — Bill Ervolino, The Record

Previous to her triumphant years at New York’s top nightclub, she recorded a number of songs penned by yours truly that were never released for various reasons. One, “South Africa”, was a show-stopping JBX shining moment that never failed to get the audience hollerin’. It was never recorded. Now it has been.

Released is full of previously unreleased gems sung by the amazing Ms. Burton.  Now, looking back, we realize that this was some of the best work of her career. Produced and penned by me, you’ll find Jenny, here in great voice, at the top of her game and knockin’ down the walls with her inimitable style of R&B and Pop.

This music deserves to be heard and enjoyed. Its time is now. The songs are re-mastered and finally… Released!

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