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If you were to ask, I’d say that my most favorite singer at the moment on would be Inspirational singer and Broadway actor, Terron Brooks.

I’ve been putting together a database of all the music of the WFM catalog that has required me to listen to every song from every artist we have.  This is a chore that I first met with some trepidation, but has actually resulted in a most wonderful listening experience over the past couple of weeks.  Like the by-line says, “We got great music!”

I’m very proud of what we’ve been able to put together these last few years and impassioned by the experience to find more of the great talent that’s out there.

Terron Brooks

Terron Brooks

One of our major finds is definitely the sweet, musical sound of Terron Brooks.  In the course of my job, it’s always, “Oh good, I get to listen to Terron.”

One of my jobs here at Watchfire is to guide you to the right stuff, so please pay attention because I’m now doing just that.  Baby, this man can sing.  And when the music pours out of his throat and inner being, you’ve just got to listen to the effortless sound.

It’s so clear that Terron is an actor.  He seems to always know what he’s singing about and what he is doing.  I believe that is what makes him so appealing – besides his innate talent and musicality.

I went to his site the other day and found an interesting page on it where he answers some fan’s questions.  I thought I might reprint a few to share with you some insights into this most charming and sincere young man.

Q: Are you married and do you have any kids?


I have been happily married for three years now.  We do not have any children.  My wife and I value what God has given us.  I pray that as friends, you will also.  If there is any good you see in me, it is a reflection of the love I receive at home.

What do you do in your free time?

In my free time I love to sleep.  I am an avid movie buff and I like doing things alone like long drives and running.  When I’m inspired I will write songs or quotes that become songs.

I was wondering when was it you asked God into your life?

At the age of thirteen, I asked Christ into my heart.  However, I didn’t really understand what it all meant — Salvation, Holiness, and the Holy Spirit.  At age 18, I was in a search to know Jesus for myself, intimately.  I wanted to know how I could serve Him with the gift I could not deny was from Him. The best decision in my life has been my surrender to God.  He has given me vision and a purpose that propels my life.

Do you ever have to turn down roles as they would prevent your life from being a witness to Christ?

I have a responsibility to God to use the talents that He has given me for His purpose, that He might find favor in me.  Turning down roles that prevent me from the example I set out to be is easy for me because I’ve set boundaries for what I will and will not do.  I realize that every door that opens AND closes for me is by God’s hands, so I can rest assured that there is never a door I must open if my spirit can’t walk through.

There are always disappointments on my journey.  I wish there were more opportunities for positive creativity in the world.  But, everyday is a chance to do good, even in the smallest things. As long as God is for you, who can be against you?

What was it like to be Simba in “The Lion King”?

The Lion King was a dream for me.  I auditioned so many times to play Simba. I finally got my chance to understudy the role on Broadway and in L.A. It was a challenging and exhilarating experience.  God reminded me through the role that I was His son and that I was a king.  I will never forget that journey.

I was wondering how did it feel to play Eddie Kendricks (in the Emmy Award winning NBC mini-series The Temptations)?

I could not believe it when I won the role of Eddie. I was overwhelmed.  It was my first movie and I was thinking, “how did this happen!”  I knew it was God and that He had a plan for me.  I was 23 when I filmed the movie, playing from 18-late 40’s. I still carry great pride in the fact that I was chosen for such a special project that touched so many people.

I would like to know how you started out in the business.

I started in the business professionally at age 18 after graduating from the Orange County High School of the Arts.  I was doing several recording sessions, performing for Disney, and I got my first big break on the touring company of the Broadway show “Grease!”  I was singing at the age of six in church, of course, but had no intention of becoming an entertainer. I wanted to be a lawyer or a newsman.  Once I got an agent things picked up for me and I knew that I wanted to make people happy through my voice.

Do you have any advice about not giving into peer pressure?

My advice for dealing with peer pressure is I think about what Jesus would do in a given situation and would He be pleased with my behavior at any given time.  I tell people not to be afraid to be a leader and not a follower. The only one to follow is Christ.

Do you ever attend churches in other cities as a guest singer or to give a concert?

I do attend churches all over the country.  I love sharing my music with new people as well as giving my testimony of how God can make something out of nothing and how with Him all things are possible.

What made you write your song “Popular”?

I wrote the song “Popular,” as I watched the first year of American Idol.  I am fascinated with how people will do anything to be famous and I had to check my desires and my ego and realize that I only had to please God.  He is the source of Everything.  My goals have changed along with my purpose in life.  I know what’s important and I know that if I am exalted, I want God to be in control.  If He is pleased then I feel my life is worthwhile.  I know that whatever God has for me I will receive.  I don’t want what belongs to another.

You can find Terron’s music and more about him by clicking here.

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