Wish List for Watchfire Music – 2010

scroll-stockOK, so here’s my head start on our Christmas List for 2010 for Watchfire Music.  Getting ahead of myself?  No, not really.  Just puttin’ it out there in the atmosphere.  As you will see, it’s a pretty heady wish list, but I believe entirely possible and necessary for the continued development of the company.

Is this an announcement of what’s coming?  I’d like to think so, but I know better considering all that would have to happen to get it all done.  That’s why I’ll still consider it a wish list rather than an announcement.  But you can bet on the fact that we’ll be bustin’ our tails this next year to try to get these things done for you.

First, our new major effort of expansion will be an entirely new division of Watchfire Music entitled “My Father’s House” – a spiritual community for youth of all ages to visit, meet, discuss, workshop, interact with, and explore.  Watchfire Music is partnering with youth leader and visionary, Matthew Hoffman of Tampa, Florida in this dramatic build-out of the site.  The first focus will be Hoffman’s modernization of the Ten Commandments, a musical trans-denominational interpretation on CD entitled “Laws 2 Live By”.

Coming soon, finally, will be WFM Radio – a 24/7 internet radio station where you can choose your programming by genre, listen to the songs of all of Watchfire’s nearly 100 artists and take the radio with you when you leave the site and surf the web.

We have been hard at work cataloging the Watchfire Music Library for Film and TV, a massive library for musical supervisors who are looking for Inspirational music to license for their projects.  This will be both innovative and time saving in its approach to the previously laborious process of licensing music for film and TV, cutting down the search and negotiation process from literally months to a matter of a few hours.

We will continue with our Watchfire Music Collection monthly offering of thematic compilation CDs.  Our November Thanksgiving and December Christmas “Ode To Joy” CDs were our best selling CDs of both months and we have also decided to offer hard goods purchases as well going forward to those who prefer to hold the CDs in their hot little hands.  Look for our January offering, “New Beginnings”, a fresh approach to the new year from the best of our instrumental piano artists.

In Digital Sheet Music, we will add Choir Music.  This promises to be a major best seller for us based upon the great success of Digital Sheet Music for soloists all over the world.  We already have accrued over a thousand choir music titles and will be adding this division in the early spring.

Also slated in the first half of the year is a terrific new search engine concept based on our best selling “Solo Thoughts” – entitled “Sacred Song Search”. It is a super search and discover resource tool for all denominations looking for the perfect solo or choral piece to match up with a particular sermon or holiday event.

Our new Send To A Friend feature will be further developed to include Gift Certificates and hard good deliveries.  This will round out your ability to use Watchfire Music as a primary source for music giving.

We have learned from you that you like to come to Watchfire and watch our collection of Inspirational videos and so we will continue to add the best Inspirational videos on the web to our collection and further organize the collection for your ease of use and exploration.

There are a raft of those “little things” you have asked for and we will supply.  Things like bundled downloads of CDs so you don’t have to download one song at a time anymore.  Exit opinion polls so that you can tell us of your experience on the site and help us better understand your needs.  An increased clarity and simplicity of intuitiveness throughout the site that will make your shopping and exploring experience more fun and graceful.

And we’ll add an “If you liked _______, then you’re sure to like ________” feature that will simplify your search throughout the site to the whims of your musical taste.

All this and more to make Watchfire Music your trusted destination for Inspirational music.

Then there’s all the stuff that I can’t yet tell you…  Then there’s all the stuff that we haven’t thought of yet…

But most importantly, there’s the stuff that you want to see that will make your experience with us to be the best on the web.  We’re listening!  Please take a moment to write in.  It’s an interactive new medium, so please interact.  Without your feedback, we’re just shootin’ in the dark.  We need you to communicate.  The more you do, the more we will respond.

It’s going to be a terrific new year – we can feel it in our bones.  Thanks for being a part of the journey.

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  1. Carol Jay Says:

    Peter, you and the Watchfire staff have got their thinking caps on and are brimming with terrific ideas. Furthermore, you certainly have your work cut out for you at Watchfire. Good luck for you and the team in the New Year, and may most, if not all of your wishes come true.

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