Things To Come – Part 3

Part 3 – As an artist:


Perhaps this sub-heading needs further explanation before we start.  On the Watchfire Music website an artist is someone or some group that makes records (CDs, songs).  In this case I’m using the larger meaning of the word.  In my case I am an artist with several hats.  Stick around while I try them on.

In my last blog post we dealt with ‘things to come’ as a producer.  That certainly is an artist as well.  It’s an interesting word actually.  In nearly every other entertainment medium (films, television, theater, etc.) the producer is the person who organizes the business part of the project and is normally differentiated from the artistic bent of the director of the project in creative responsibilities.

In the music industry alone the producer is actually the director.  He directs the sessions and works with the talent just like the directors in film TV and theater.  He just has a different moniker.  It is his (or her) responsibility to head up both the artistic and financial responsibilities of the project.

Sometimes the recording artist is also the producer of his/her own project.  I don’t advise it.  It’s great to have somebody who really knows what they are doing to bump up against in the making of a project – someone who might challenge you as an artist to reach for more, a great listener and judge of the music whom one can feed off.

In my case, though I can sing, my writing goes far beyond my singing abilities.  In the case of my new CD, Goin’ Home, I have chosen to work with a largely African American cast because the music is largely derivative of Gospel.  I will sing one song on the CD – a deeply personal one that I think I can handle well with my limited instrument.

That song is called “What Could Have Been” and it’s a love song coming from the POV of someone who is moving on.  Here’s a touch of the lyric:

I’ll always miss what could have been

And all the things that might have been

When I am gone from here

If looking back upon this life

Is possible beyond this life

The one thing that I fear

Is missing you

Is missing all the years ahead…

And missing us

And all the joys gone up in smoke

Yes the one thing that I fear

So I’ll sing this song on the CD, but none else.  For the rest I have a magnificent cast of vocalists that I’ve worked with over the years who are proven pros and have worked with nearly everyone in the industry.

Anyway, I’ll record this song in the next month.  The track is done, but I’m just letting the song stew in my brain for a bit before I record it.  Even though I wrote it, I still have to take off the composer’s hat and put on the artist’s hat and basically start all over again with the learning of the song to perform it.

Here’s menu of what else lies ahead:

  • Just got commissioned to write a new song for a youth summit meeting on spirituality being held in NYC in mid-April.  I’ll write a new theme song for this meeting and record it as a take-home souvenir for all the attendees.
  • As a composer I’ll write several new songs for the new Julia Wade CD.  This CD will still be an Inspirational CD for classical crossover artist Wade, but will lean more towards the commercial worlds of Josh Grobin and Andrea Bocelli.
  • As a director I’ll direct (and produce) the Saturday night concert at the same youth summit meeting on spirituality being held in NYC in mid-April.  Right now I’m picking talent to appear from around the country.  It promises to be an evening of great celebration and music.
  • As Creative Director of Watchfire Music I’ll try to keep my head above water managing a whole raft of projects for the company.  I hope and pray to balance my life better this year between the work for the company and the work outside of the company.  Actually, it’s all for the company.  The company now provides me, as an artist, an immediate venue to you, the audience, for all the creative projects that I get involved with.
  • And then there’s the great unknown.  What else will come down the pike at me in the months ahead?  What other opportunities lay ahead?  It’s what I live for… what lies beyond the horizon.
  • And then there’s this blog…  I’ll continue to write and to spend these alone times with my own thoughts on ‘all things Inspirational’ and then, of course, sharing them with you, my dear readers.  I’ll have to admit I never grew up dreaming of being a blogger, but it seems now to have taken over a few hours of my life on a daily basis.  It’s a joy that I look forward to each day and I thank you for your interest and responses.

So that’s it in a rather large nutshell – 3 parts to be exact.  Now stay tuned for more and excuse me while I get to work.

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