Attention Span


Keep it short.

No one has time anymore.

So keep it short.

Not sure I can…

Just not my style.

Never took to writing music for commercials.

60 seconds?

30 seconds??

No time to stretch my wings.

Yeah, I’m probably a bit long winded.

But I love to tell a good story.

Weave a good yarn.

I tend to put the problem on the other guy’s shoulders – the reader, the listener – the world.  Not my fault if they can’t hang in there.  Can’t slow down enough to consider something a little deeper.  Things are just going faster.  It’s a throw-away society.  No time to stop and think, to pause and pray, to sit back and dream, to lie down and do nothing.  We’re all trying to get somewhere when really we’re already there – only we just don’t know it.  Baba Ram Dass said, “Be here now.”  Eckart Tolle wrote The Power Of NowA best-seller.  Who had time to read it?  It appears that many did, so where are they and what are they doing about it?  Can’t we slow down enough to just sit and read?  Just sit and listen?  Does music have to get relegated to the background?  Someone said to me the other day, “I listened to your album while making dinner the other evening…”  I was crushed.  I hoped they liked the tunes…  Now I’m supposed to break this paragraph up into several for my blog post so that people will be more inclined to read it.  Long paragraphs will scare you away.  Did you know that?  Are you afraid?


Fear gone?

Feeling better.

Want to read on?

OK, perhaps tomorrow…

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2 Responses to “Attention Span”

  1. Susan Doty Says:

    Peter: Couldn’t agree more. The other day I was sitting in my bedroom in a very comfy chair just “being,” and my granddaughter walked by and said, Mamgee, whatcha doing? Just sitting here, I said. But what are you “doing,” she asked more intensely. Nothing, I said. How do you do nothing, she asked. She was truly perplexed. I don’t think she ever saw anyone doing nothing. I thoroughly enjoyed the moment and continued on doing nothing for another 30 minutes. Delightful!

  2. Peter Link Says:

    Congrats on your rare ability. Perhaps you’ve given her a special gift — something that is nothing…

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