Thoughts On “Divine Love”

“Thoughts On ‘Divine Love’” is one of a 12 part series of posts reflecting on the songs of Julia Wade’s CD, Solos, with lyrics from the writings of Mary Baker Eddy and Music by Peter Link.

Here is a song that was as natural to write as the act of breathing.  It starts at the end really.  The final words of the song were the first words I chose.

The vital part,
the heart and soul of Christian Science,
is Love.

Mary Baker Eddy probably uses this word as a synonym for God in her writings more than any other concept.  And who’s to argue with that?

Love is the liberator.
No power can withstand divine Love.

Say it again …

Love is the liberator.
No power can withstand divine Love.

In my life this is an absolute.  Feeling stressful?  Love more?  Have relationship problems?  Love more.  Struggling with disease or injury?  Love more.  Broke?  Love more.

When in doubt, love more.

Wait patiently
for divine Love to move
to move upon the waters
of mortal mind,
and form the perfect concept.

You’re not waiting for God to get to work, you know.  What we wait for is for our own consciousness to fill with love.  God is instant.  Love is instant.  It is mortal mind or ego that we wait for.  The process sometimes takes time because it is consciousness that needs to change, not God, not Love.

Love inspires,
illumines, designates,
and leads the way.

It is Love that leads the way, illuminating the roads we travel with God’s light so that we may see the errors of our ways and eradicate those mistakes.  It is Love that inspires us to get to work, to heal, to forgive, to a change of base in consciousness so that healing may take its natural, not miraculous, course.

God is Love.
Can we ask Him to be more?

How often we do this.  “Please God, pour forth more from your fountain.”  Rather, we should just get our buckets and get busy filling them.  Quit begging and get filling!  Stop wasting time praying for things and just get busy changing consciousness.  The well is overflowing.

Divine Love always has met
and always will meet
every human need.

Oh this simple sentence.  It has influenced my thoughts thousands of times over a lifetime.  It is total reassurance.  It doesn’t just promise; it declares the vital fact of the past, the present and the future in 12 simple words.  It says, “God meets your needs.”  Past, present and future.

Now, can we trust this?  Can we demonstrate this?  Get your buckets and start filling.  Once your bucket it full, start pouring it all out again over everyone’s heads – especially your enemies!  Don’t be stingy with the pouring.  Don’t fear running out.  Just keep going back to the well and getting more.  The well will never dry up.  It’s not a human well; it’s God’s well and it flows eternally.

God is Love.

Now we’re down to 3 words – three words that John, of Biblical fame, uttered.  Three words that grace the walls of our churches.  Three words that are the root and backbone of our religion and Mary Baker Eddy’s teaching.

We have moment-to-moment access to this.  God is omnipresent.  Love is omnipresent.  Why do we miss this?  It’s a wonder.  Why do we wander athirst in the desert when the well is omnipresent?

It is one of the great mysteries of life.

But no sense trying to figure out the mystery.  Better to just grab your bucket and get going.  Use Love!  It is the perfect panacea.

It is …
The vital part,
the heart and soul of Christian Science, …




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  1. Bonnie Wilson Says:

    Yes! I love your message on this solo. When I listened to the sample last night, I thought “this is going to be one of my favorites,” because the music is as beautiful as the words. And I just downloaded the DigiBook – it is SO beautiful – the pictures you all have chosen to pair with each solo. And I love the final picture of Julia in her soloist spot with a beautiful quote from Mary Baker Eddy right behind her on the wall. Thank you for this precious gift.

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