Thoughts On “Footsteps of Truth”

“Thoughts On ‘Footsteps of Truth’” is one of a 12 part series of posts reflecting on the songs of Julia Wade’s CD, Solos, with lyrics from the writings of Mary Baker Eddy and Music by Peter Link.

We walk in the footsteps of Truth and Love
by following the example of our Master
in the understanding
of divine metaphysics.

To me, this song is about following – following the example of our Master.  The sixth and last tenet of Christian Science states, “And we solemnly promise to watch and pray for that mind to be in us which was also in Christ Jesus …” Most Christian Scientists use this tenet as a daily prayer.

It’s quite a statement, quite a promise.  I’ll have to admit that I’ve broken this solemn promise far too many times.  If ya’ think about it, it’s a lot to live up to.  It’s a promise to follow in his footsteps, to follow his example.

On the surface, this song often strikes me as the simplest lyric of the 12 songs, but upon further consideration, it may be the strongest statement of commitment.

We first acknowledge that certain truths are absolute.  Then we do all we can to move in the direction of those truths.

Whatever inspires with wisdom, Truth, or Love
be it song, sermon, or Science

blesses the human family
with crumbs of comfort
from Christ’s table,
feeding the hungry
and giving living waters
giving living waters
to the thirsty.

Two wondrous metaphors used throughout the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy are “light” and “water”.  Both represent inspiration passing from God to mankind.  In a previous post entitled, “Thoughts On Divine Love” I found myself using the water image endlessly pouring forth from the fountain to describe God’s Love filling our souls.

Here Mrs. Eddy illuminates the act of inspiration with the giving of living waters to the thirsty.  It is Julia’s and my great hope that these songs will, on some levels, fulfill Mrs. Eddy’s proclamation of “… be it song, sermon, or Scienceblesses the human family …

Going forth, after we have committed daily to following in the Master’s footsteps, we must stay to the course.

One’s aim,
a point beyond faith,
should be to find
the footsteps of Truth,
the way to health and holiness.

And what rewards!  Health and holiness.  Perhaps the two most important necessities of the human experience.  Why else are we here, but to demonstrate these two concepts?  All other good must follow these two ideas.

And all we have to do is to follow in his footsteps.  We all know that this is not particularly easy to do.  Here’s why.

Mortals may seek
the understanding of Christian Science,
but they will not be able to glean from Christian Science
the facts of being
without striving for them.

This strife consists in the endeavor
to forsake error of every kind
and to possess no other consciousness
but good.
no other consciousness but good.

Ah, there’s the rub. … to forsake error of every kind …  Let’s be clear here.  We’re not just talking about larceny, adultery or murder; we’re also talking about the errors of every kind – gossip, self-deprecation, jealousy, petty thievery like stealing time and attention and essentially up-staging others for our own glorification – plus the entire raft of the so-called daily petty foibles of life.

Most of us never get seduced by larceny, adultery or murder, but can we say the same about the rest?  I can’t.  I got a way to go.  I have to be much more accurate about putting my shoes into the imprints of his footsteps.

“Slow down and watch more carefully,” I tell myself.  Strive harder.  Be more thorough in your footsteps.  Remember the rewards are great.  And yet…

We walk in the footsteps of Truth and Love
by following the example of our Master
in the understanding
of divine metaphysics.

I must not understand it clearly enough.  If I did, I would walk in those footsteps to perfection.

Metaphysics: 1. The philosophical study of being and knowing

Divine: 1. (adj) emanating from God

Think about it …

Here is our call to arms, our life objective, our attainable goal.

Let’s get walkin’.

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2 Responses to “Thoughts On “Footsteps of Truth””

  1. Mary Says:

    Funny, I thought that “And we solemnly promise to watch, and pray for that Mind to be in us which was also in Christ Jesus; to do unto others as we would have them do unto us; and to be merciful, just, and pure” was actually the Sixth (not Seventh) Tenet (Not Tenant) of Christian Science.

    Ah well, Live and learn, Live and learn…..

  2. Peter Link Says:

    Please pardon my blooper(s). I stand embarrassingly corrected. Late night, New CD to get out, and a hundred other excuses, but still, of course, wrong on my part …

    Thanks for the correction.

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