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In this extremely confusing era of free music where musicians are now finding it impossible to make a living, I often stop and wonder how it’s all going to shake out.  When I walk the streets of NYC nowadays I can always spot a musician.  They’re the ones with a red question mark hanging over their head.

I came across a very interesting set of analytics the other day regarding our business.  Here are a few salient excerpts:

From: Digital Music News

Selling More Than 100 Downloads a Year?

Then Consider Yourself Very Lucky…
Monday, June 18, 2012
by  Paul

Did you sell more than 100 downloads last year? How about more than 1? We spent the morning compiling some statistics related to paid downloads, specifically from 2011, and found some stunningly-lopsided figures…

First, consider these top-level stats, as shared by Nielsen Soundscan several months ago:

  • The iTunes Store now has a catalog of 28 million songs.
  • Roughly 8 million songs were downloaded just once in 2011, according to Nielsen.
  • 94 percent of all songs were downloaded less than 100 times in 2011.

Also it’s a sad fact that of the last 13 million songs that iTunes has posted, only 3 million have sold one more more.  That means that 10 million songs have sat un-purchased.

Times have changed.  We no longer do this for the money.

Most of us never did.

This staggering turn of events has made all of us stop and reconsider our dwindling options on how to eat.

I, for one, have always been most fortunate.  I’m an eclectic writer, I work in multi-mediums like theater, TV, films, recorded music, sheet music and live music, I own my own studio, I run my own record company and I have a great raft of fine musicians and vocalists to work with.  Call it a one-man band.

At this point, I call it survival.

So why do I continue the journey if it now seems like a road to nowhere?

Simply put – because of love.  Love, the greatest thing in the world.  That word …  Who can argue it?  It has to be, in the ranking of words, el numero uno.

And again, for me, the word that has to come in second is “music”.

Those two words go together hand in glove, foot in shoe and tongue in mouth.

Love and music …

It is truly where I live, where I am me at best, me at the most honest, the hardest working, the most inspired, the highest self, and the closest to God.

I live to create music.  If nobody bought it, nobody listened, nobody cared, I would still do it with passion.  If it simply went up on an ever-expanding shelf when I finished each work, I would continue to rush on to the next.  It is my joy, my ambition and my release.

It is the process that infuses me with life – not the result, not the reviews, nor the reaction, nor the sales.  Those consequences of my work are always nice pluses, but without them I would still drive on flying down this road at a hundred miles an hour.

I deeply appreciate your letters, your feelings communicated, your singing along, but if you never responded I would still do it.  If I never sold an album, but could eat and have a roof (and my studio :o), then I would live happily ever after.

Without the opportunity to live creatively, I think I would simply waste away and move on.  As I sit here and write this post, a great part of my being can’t wait to finish because I have an only partially finished song waiting for me in the studio.

I leave no talents under the rock, no talents buried, no stone unturned.  The process is the essence of life itself.

It is the best of who I am in the best of times.

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