Deep Waters – Part 5

Sunset-Sailing-1024x768The original idea of Deep Waters was to do the surrounding instrumental orchestrations with full orchestra and then keep the songs very simple so as to illuminate the lyric and the magical voice of Julia Wade.  Keeping the accompaniment of the songs to the minimum of a piano, a piano with simple synth or string pad, or Fender Rhodes keyboard would be a real help to soloists around the world who might be interested in singing some of the songs as well.

But as I worked with Julia and developed two of the songs it became apparent to me that the two particular songs wanted further orchestration.  The sum total of our choices did enhance the entire project, still keeping the songs simple in their approach, but making all movements more of a total piece.

We also decided to tie everything together – instrumental cross-fading into song and song cross-fading back into next instrumental to make the Suite a more unified whole.

Now one can sit down and listen to the entire CD as one continuous piece of music.  We will, however, program song markers into the CD so that one might be able to easily find and play just one song or another if they so desire.

The instrumental sections, for me, were especially fun for me to work with the orchestra and realize the ideas in my head and soul and finally hear them played so beautifully.  The string section was rich even beyond my imagination and many of the passages, to this day, fill my brain with delight and awe at the sound of these amazing instruments and players.

Strings – violins, violas, cellos and double basses – are the most wondrous instruments and have the sonic ability to go to extraordinary places in sound and emotion.  I think I could spend a lifetime writing for them and never get bored or repeat myself.

Though I think of the last movement as an instrumental, it really is a coming together of all involved including Julia’s beautiful and haunting peaceful farewell and epilogue as we go sailing off into the sunset.  Smooth Sailing a simple and quiet dénouement of peaceful satisfaction that captures, for me, the quietude I feel when life is so good, I am closest to being the essence of who I am, and closest to God.

We have two or three other of these Suites in the planning as I write and hope to bring them to you over the next two years.  It’s a form that I have quite enjoyed and works very well, at this point, for both Julia and me.

We’re also developing them as performance pieces with video enhancements to present both with live orchestra and/or tracks.  The visuals will be created by our new video designers and cinematographers here at Watchfire Music and Julia will be presenting the first of these, Deep Waters, hopefully starting in the fall of 2013 as she begins her international tour that we are presently booking – the U.S., Africa, Europe and South America.

If you’re interested in bringing Julia’s concert attraction to your city, please get in touch with us at: or contact us through the Coments on this Blog site.

In the meantime, we wish you smooth sailing.smooth-sailing

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  1. Donna J. Crowe Says:

    I am so excited for you. I have been with watchfire solos for 3 years almost.I love music, play the piano for myself only not professional. and pick solos for our CS Society in Solvang CA. 93460 We are just 40 miles north of Santa Barbara and live in a magical Santa Ynez Valley which includes, Solvang, Los Olivos, Buellton, Ballard and Santa Ynez. 5 charming country villages all with different themes. I would love to have you come here but have no idea what it would cost to do a venue. We have a fine musician and composer, Chris Bowman who attends our church and composes and uses the very instruments you love and directs a 60 voice Santa Ynez Valley Master Chorale. If you are ever close to us in your travels you are welcome to stay with us. We have one guest room with private bath across the hall.

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