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WFM-LogoChanging times …

We’re finally seeing the evolution of Watchfire Music along with Watchfire New Media to a much broader base.  First, a mere eight years ago, we were an Inspirational record company and on-line store selling just recorded music.  Then, six years ago, as the recording industry began to fail and recorded music began to be available across the boards as free music, we opened our Digital Sheet Music division under the watchful eye and determination of our president, Julia Wade.

This enabled us to stay alive through the early start-up years and actually moved us to a break-even company and out of the start-up realm in the next three years as we signed over a hundred new Inspirational composers.  We also purchased Solo Thoughts, a powerful resource for church soloists and musicians, and greatly improved its reach and user-ability.

In the last two years WFM has continued to grow steadily as more and more trusting and loyal customers found our Inspirational music products and purchased them on line.

In that time too, we created other popular services with which to share our music – WFM Radio, WFM on SoundCloud, the WFM Inspirational Music Library for Film, Television and Advertising, Watchfire Music’s popular series of Listening Room concerts here in NYC, a Video Library featuring not only our own artists, but also, The Best Of The Web, and The WFM Learning Lab – a most successful series of music classes taught both here in NYC but also on-line and on SKYPE.

Last January many of you spoke.  We saw a need and went to work fulfilling that need creating Watchfire New Media – a new division of WFM helping individuals, artists, start-ups, entrepreneurs, churches, Inspirational leaders and small businesses develop their public identities and achieve their Internet marketing goals.

This need turns out to be even greater than anticipated and so we are working harder than ever, hiring new staffing, moving our entire site of over 3000 pages selling over 11,000 individual items to now an independent server and literally working with a terrific staff of people in virtual offices around the world.  Just this last week WNM received the Caron “Unsung Heroes Award” for our work on the Sober St. Patrick’s Day® event this past year in NYC and internationally.

We even have a new presence on a weekly Inspirational radio program in Australia.  In the spring of 2014 we are planning a Concert Tour of Africa, Europe and hopefully South America for best-selling artist, Julia Wade.

We celebrate all this in the month of June with the release of Julia’s new CD, Deep Waters, an Inspirational Suite for orchestra and voice.  This album comes complete with a free downloadable Digi-Book and accompanying digital sheet music of all the songs (optional).

Are we exhausted from all this?  No, actually we’re most stimulated and often feel like we’re just gettin’ started.  It’s a dream realized – realized because you, our customers and friends hung in there with us, saw us through some lean times, and supported the idea of Inspirational music.

We are so grateful – boy are we ever!  It’s clear to us that Watchfire Music is simply a right idea.


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