Miracle Of Faith – Part 4A

Noah Marlowe in Vocal Booth

Noah Marlowe in Vocal Booth

Note: I suggest that if you haven’t yet read Miracle Of Faith – Part 1, 2, or 3 yet you start there.  This way you’ll get the whole story.

Installment 4A

The Session:

After 4-5 rehearsals I thought Noah was ready to record.  He had memorized the song, we had gone over the acting moments repeatedly, we had looked closely at all the vowel sounds of the song and discussed how he would negotiate the phrases and we had spent several hours in the vocal booth learning many of the techniques of vocal recording.

At age 12 Noah continued to gather and sustain information each step of the way at an amazing rate.  His work ethic was so deeply appreciated by me.  In the middle of the month of rehearsals he came down with a bit of a winter cough, but quickly came back from that sure and strong.  I looked forward to spending the 3 hours with him on the song.

3 hours is a real workout for any pro singer.  The concentration it takes to pull off a great vocal is so intense that it’s usually the mind that goes before the voice begins to tire.  Most people think you just get behind the mic and sing the song a few times, but not with me.  It’s almost always a marathon of exploring, technical correction, fine-tuning, emotional focus and joyful endeavor.

After each take I give notes – usually no more than 5-7 and then send the singer back in the booth to sing the song again incorporating the notes.  That doesn’t seem so bad, but after 7-11 takes, that’s a lot of notes to remember and incorporate.  This is why preparation is so crucial to a great vocal.  Learn as much as you can before the session, not during the session.

I wondered if a 12-year old boy would have the stamina to do 10 to 12 takes.  Once we hit #5 I began to ask him how he felt, if he was tiring, was his throat sore, could he do one more.  His repeated answer was, “I’ll give you whatever you need.”

to be continued …

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