Miracle Of Faith – Part 10

Mary Magdalene - Pietro Perugino

Mary Magdalene – Pietro Perugino

Note: I suggest that if you haven’t yet read Miracle Of Faith – Parts 1-9 yet you start there.  This way you’ll get the whole story.

The Third Song:

As I mentioned earlier, Dora’s and my first inclination was to write this song for the character of Jesus.  I was never comfortable with this idea.  The master’s words are so iconic, so immortal that I did not want to in any way dilute the power of his thoughts.  I decided to let the master be the master and so we switched the character to Mary Magdalene.

Besides, we needed a chick in the band.  :o)

Again, we went to our imagination and suggested that she might have been there at the site of the miracle and also because, in our imagination, she was so close to Jesus, then she might have some special insights as well as a woman’s POV into the whole matter.

We called the work Miracle Of Faith not because of Jesus’ faith, for in our minds Jesus worked much more from a point of understanding  than faith, but really because of the boy’s amazing innocence of faith.  He so easily believed that the master could heal his mother that he was willing to give all he had to feed the 5000.

It says in the Bible (Hebrews 11:1), “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.”  If this miracle is not the perfect example of this quote, then I don’t know what is.

Dora and I talked a lot about the “magic” of pulling rabbits out of a hat.  The magic of pulling enough food out of the boy’s basket to feed the multitude.  The idea of the many clowns at the circus all coming out of the tiny little car mush to the audience’s delight.  This image has thrilled people’s imaginations for centuries.

But Jesus was not a magician and what he was doing was not magic, but supremely natural.  The creation of supply through thought.  If matter is an illusion to begin with than why would this not be a natural occurrence for Jesus.  We even considered not using the term “Miracle” in our title for just that reason – because most people see miracles as some form of magic instead of being what they really are – simply God’s laws in action and abundance.  But then again we decided that the title was appropriate for just that reason as well – to clarify just how natural the occurrence of a miracle is.

We saw Mary Magdalene sitting back on a rock watching the whole event and, having seen so many of the master’s ‘miracles’ before, simply seeing the entire event as normal and understanding it all perhaps even on a higher level than the disciples themselves.

The Evidence Of Things Unseen
Mary Magdalene

Lyrics by Dora Redman & Peter Link
Music by Peter Link

And so he spoke
“They need not depart.
Give ye them food to eat.”
Give them food for thought,
The food of light,
The light of sustenance
Don’t send them away in their time of need
Feed the flock

But his disciples were not in the mind of Jesus
They struggled to raise their faith
And though miracles had abounded throughout the days
They were stuck in the world’s worn out ways
They knew not God’s law of infinite abundance
And I watched as they muttered amongst themselves  hmm
“Feed them with what? There’s nothing to eat
No apples, no almonds, no meat”

Then a boy stepped forth
With a basket of bread and two fishes
Well you know the rest
The five thousand were fed
And we all saw the power of his wishes
And the evidence of things unseen
Oh yes the evidence of things unseen

You ask, “What is that evidence?”
It’s the substance of faith
And no seeming dreams that lie in between

There, by his prayer
Pulled out of thin air
In a miracle of such routine
(As I witnessed so often, again and again)
Was the evidence of things unseen
Yes, the evidence of things unseen

Yes a boy stepped forth
With the spirit of “Nothing can stop me”
A boy, just a boy
And five thousand were fed
And we all felt the power and the glory
Of the evidence of things unseen
Oh yes the evidence of things unseen

And right there, by his prayer
Pulled out of thin air
In a miracle of such routine
(As I witnessed so often, again and again)
Was the evidence of things unseen

The man
The miracle
The son of God
And all this from two fishes
And five loaves of bread

The writing of this song was a total joy.  Once we had the lyric locked down and finished, the music of the moment simply poured forth almost effortlessly.

Why?  Because it was the third song in the trilogy, because the moments had been so researched and discussed for many months and we had lived in the shoes and already written the scene twice from different points of view.  Because we understood the characters, because we saw in our imaginations the whole scene like a movie.  In essence it became, for me, like a three camera shoot of the same scene.  I was this time camera #3.

I know that Mary, for instance was over, somewhat behind Jesus, back there on the left, sitting up on that rocky abutment quietly watching it all go down.  I know what she was wearing and I know how the shadows fell as daylight turned to dusk.  I know how much she loved Jesus and stood with him in these oh so special moments.

I know the mood of the hungry crowd and hear the murmuring as the food is passed out.  I feel the incredulity of the multitude and the gratitude and the wonder.  I feel the shame and the pride of Thomas juxtaposing his wonder.  I feel the calm assurance of the master and wide-eyed excitement of the boy.  I dive into the mind of Mary and the music simply comes forth, it passes through me, through pen and paper, through the keys of my keyboard, through the digital zeros and ones of my computer, through the vibrations passing through the air to your ears, through the wonder of the oneness of people connecting through this amazing language called music.

The song does what it is supposed to do.  It ties the knot; it ties the bow.  It explains the miracle as natural without trying to explain the science behind it.  It says that there are things beyond our understanding that are yet to learn.  And that a little boy of twelve can actually work the principles of this science without even understanding the science like the master, but just simply through his own innocent child-like faith.

The song sings itself.

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