Miracle Of Faith – Part 12B

MiracleOfFaith-CoverNote: I suggest that if you haven’t yet read Miracle Of Faith – Parts 1-11 yet you start there.  This way you’ll get the whole story.

Installment 12B

So as I write, the masters have just come back from the masterer.  I’ll listen to our album for the first time in it’s finished state in about an hour.  I see that Craig has just emailed to us the finished CD package graphics.  We’ll run a test on them this morning.  There’s proofing to be done and then the manufacturing of the CDs.  We do that here at Watchfire Music and have a factory in a closet with printers, paper cutters, CD burners, and shrink wrappers.

I’ll finish this last post, prepare the pictures in PhotoShop and insert them into the Digi-Book content document that I’ve been working on for Craig for these last 3 weeks.  He will finish up the design and implementation of the Digi-Book today and get it back to me tonight for final check and proofing.

Our staff is already hard at the promotions of this CD on FaceBook and Twitter.  We’ll do LinkedIn blasts and this Blog will become the content of the Digi-Book.  It’s a massive task for our little company, but one we seem to accomplish nearly every week.

I have truly enjoyed every moment of this Musical of the Imagination.  It’s always a great lift to see an idea come to fruition – to hold the finished CD in your hand and remember the countless hours that went into its making.  This one even more so because of the way it all started with an idea of Dora Redman’s brought to me with a hope and a prayer.

I truly believe that God has watched over this project.  It could be no other way.  Far too many things have evolved in grace with relatively little effort on our parts – the development of the lyrics when it was apparent to me from the beginning that it just might be over Dora’s head, the ensuing collaboration, the finding of our boy, Noah, the scheduling resulting in the release of this album the day after tomorrow – April 10, 2014.

Originally I said it probably could not be done.  I was wrong and I’m delighted that I was.

So now it’s all up to you.  It starts with a good thorough listening.  The whole CD runs a little less than 40 minutes.  We ask you to take that first listening at a quiet time where you can really relax and let your imagination soar.  It’ll be worth the ride.  Give it a try.

And then if you have had anywhere near the experience that we’ve had making the CD, tell your friends.  Share the experience.  It’s a story told over and over now for over two thousand years and continues to bear repeating.  A story of some bread and fish – and a boy and his faith – and a man and his understanding.

It’s a story about what most would call a miracle, but we’ve come to understand to be a natural fulfilling of a need.  It’s a story of what could be,  if only we each could have the faith of a child.

It’s the possibility of what lies out there, or in there, for each of us if we just lead a more spiritual life.  It’s the truth in action.


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