Singer/songwriter Peter Wise debuts with new CD

Guest Blogger, Amy Duncan

tumblr_mzs8h7fAGH1qe3rn2o1_1280There’s nothing new under the sun, or so they say… but Massachusetts raised and NYC based singer/songwriter Peter Wise proves otherwise on his new CD, When Day Breaks, which he partially describes as a story about the ups and downs of growing up, becoming aware of ourselves and the world around us.

It’s true that Wise, who is a student of Watchfire Music’s very own Peter Link, flirts with bits and pieces of many who have gone on before him (Paul Simon, Tracy Chapman, and Steely Dan come to mind)—I kept thinking as I listened, wait! where have I heard that before?—and yet there’s nothing derivative here. So yes, there is always something new under the sun for the simple reason that each sincere and genuine artist, singer, composer, performer, etc., can’t help being his or her own self. With Wise, this is revealed first and foremost in his utterly charming voice, and then in all the subtle and original touches of his arrangements, extended instrumental interludes, and the simple, yet captivating twists and turns of his melodies.

The title tune, When Day Breaks, for instance, is an expansive ballad with a soaring interlude that builds and builds and then builds some more when Wise’s voice enters, to a satisfying climax, and then fades out to a delicate keyboard riff. Getting Older offers a beautiful bell-like piano accompaniment, gentle melody and introspective words, and St. Helens is a happy nod to Paul Simon…yet Wise’s own voice soars strong and clear, especially on the chorus. And then there’s the lovely, conversational Abigail, a ballad delicately punctuated by a repeated octave interval on the piano that’s the perfect vehicle for the cozy intimacy of Wise’s voice. The remaining tracks are equally individual and engaging.

To change it up, Wise closes with some humorous, good-timey old yeehaw on I’m a Rock. A nice ending to this promising debut, and pure Americana.

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