At The Heart Of It All

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So here I was, a guy, setting out on a course to write an album full of songs about the relationships of women – Woman 2 Woman. Now I’m no fool and I realized immediately that I would need some help on this so that I would speak with some authenticity and not just from a “guy’s” point of view.

So Julia and I decided to get some advice from her sisterhood of friends out there on the internet.

She asked, “What bonds us together into sisterhood?” The response from the sistahs was powerful. Here are only a few of the many.

“Unconditional love. Through out all my best and most successful relationships with women in my life that’s the thread that binds us. We just absolutely love each other no matter where we are in our journeys. We may not like each others choices much but we still just keep on loving. And laughter. I can’t forget to mention that.”

“I think it’s our sharing from the heart with each other. We listen to each other and share our stories, our experiences. We “feel” for each other.?”

“Honesty, openness, empathy and acceptance — the willingness to overlook character flaws in ourselves and other friends — mostly a sense of humor and intelligence, which seem to go hand in hand. Genuine affection, motherly common sense and the ability to say I’m sorry and forgive.”

 “Unconditional love — it’s the motherly love of grace reflected. Can never leave us. Women are expected to express it.”

“But the sisters who are genuine are the ones who keep listening; who don’t condemn, judge, or advise without being asked for their advice; who are there to help brush you off and set you back on your feet after you’ve stumbled; and who can laugh with you when everything seems to go to crap. The nurturing, comforting, essence of wise women – the unconditional mother-love — the love without ego — this is the strength of women.”

 “UNDERSTANDING…of each other as sisters, women, of the trials and joys peculiar to women, of the emotions women seem able to exhibit that men do not, of birthing in a way men cannot, (even if they do birth ideas.) My husband says he is convinced women share the same brain!”

This vital information provided me with a worksheet for the entire album.

At the heart of it all was a very special kind of sisterhood.

The Singer


Jan Horvath is not only a great friend of Julia’s, but also a most special friend of mine. Talent oozes out of her pores. She was a member of the original Broadway company of Hal Prince’s “THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA” and performed the roles of both Christine and Carlotta. Other Broadway credits include “THE THREEPENNY OPERA” starring Sting, “SWEET CHARITY” directed by Bob Fosse, “OLIVER!” and “STARDUST”. In the National Touring Company of “CATS”, Jan played the leading role of Grizabella.

A powerful singer and actress she is also a most promising composer and orchestrator. I had the pleasure of teaching her orchestration the last couple of years that we lived in NYC, and she was simply full of the music and a natural.

The decision to start with Jan as one of our NYC vocalists was made in a snap because she so fit the role of a sister to Julia. She looks like a sister and often sounds like a sister when they sing together. Sometimes, when mixing the song, I lost track of who was who and had to look at the tracks to check.

Special insight: This gorgeous soprano also plays the tuba.

At The Heart Of It All

Music and Lyrics by Peter Link

We come from two different worlds

Brought together by chance

By the unsung

The unseen

And the great unknown


Two lives traveling two different paths

Two minds separated by skin and bone

Still there’s something making us like sisters

A thread that binds this love unconditional

We all share


And the way we laugh when life seems to stumble

Is a mingling of many things

It’s a balance of emotions

Primitive and tethered

The synergy of sisters and friends

‘Cuz that’s what’s at the heart of it all


Yeah that’s what’s at the heart of it all



And the way we weep when life crashes ‘round us

Is to dry our tears and carry on

It’s the picking up of pieces

Through the fire and water

The synergy of sisters and friends

‘Cuz that’s what’s at the heart of it all


Yeah that’s what’s at the heart of it all



We live in confusing times

Struggling to get through

But we each have

Each other

And this trusted grace


Two souls goin’ at it on their own

Two minds separated by time and space

Still there’s nothing like knowing there is someone

Out there daring love unconditional

Free as air


And the way we are

When we are together

Is the real you, the real me

We’ll be dancing on a moonbeam

Laughing ‘til we’re loopy

Free to be whatever we be

And that’s what’s at the heart of it all


Yeah that’s what’s at the heart of it all



And the way we celebrate this devotion

Is to take each girlfriend by the hand

And let go when she needs to

And be there when she needs you

It’s the synergy of sisters and friends

And that’s what’s at the heart of it all


Yeah that’s what’s at the heart of it all



And friends


And friends

And that’s what’s at the heart of it all.

 That’s right!

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2 Responses to “At The Heart Of It All”

  1. Betty Little Says:

    Thank you!!!
    Perfect description. It makes me think of a line from a hymn in the Christian Science hymnal ” Brother clasps the hand of brother stepping fearless through the night” At a time of intense grief I took long walks, day and night, singing. This hymn was my mantra, over and over. The journey out of grief was brightened by the arrival of a new dear sister, friend, spiritual sharer. Now, many experiences later, we still marvel at the oneness of mind, when we talk and find our challenges and inspirations always seem to parallel and uplift each other. Another dear girlfriend shared early in the grieving lesson: companionship will come to you. It is your job to watch for it. and this has proved true. Our job is to watch earnestly for every opportunity to befriend and it will be given to us. A quote from some book read in childhood is: The world steps aside to let a man pass when he knows where he is going.
    Thanks for all the inspiration and love you share.

  2. Peter Link Says:

    Hi Betty, Thanks for this most astute and revealing comment. Perhaps there should be an alternate version in the CS Hymnal for women to sing. Something Like, “Sister clasps the hand of sister stepping fearless through the night”. :o)

    I found this especially interesting because of the song which follows At The Heart Of It All on Julia’s new CD — A Walk In The Snow. Read that post and see that we’re really on the same wavelength.

    Thanks for writing in. Peter

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