Its Time Has Come — Part 2


The Solution — The Webcast

Unfortunately, the technology was in infancy and though we tried it several times in the past couple of years, it worked, and it didn’t. Let’s just say that it was a technology still in beta.

However in the last year great strides have been made both on our end and yours. Most everyone now has a flat screen. Most everyone has decent upload and download capability now. Most everyone is more astute and computer literate. And also now there are companies like Concert Window and Ustream to make the experience professional.

So the idea now comes of age. Instead of us coming to you and the incredible hassles of travel, set up, local promotions and a myriad of etceteras, you come to us in the comfort of your living room.

Now you will be able to come to us presenting our work in a state-of-the-art theater in the heart of New York City.

Because of this ability to webcast our concerts, overhead costs like travel (that was often more costly that Julia’s fees), theater rental, sound and light rental and local promotion are eliminated.

Also the major difficulty of performing every show in a different auditorium or church with different sound problems and light limitations is now solved.

Consequently the ticket prices will drop enormously.

It’s a new world. Now we can present a better concert to you and on that cold, snowy or rainy evening you don’t even have to leave your home to get inspired.

Our first concert will webcast in early 2016. We’re raising funds now to make it all happen. The financial responsibility has been taken off of the public now and put on our shoulders.

But we still need your support.

So we’re inviting you to be a part of this revolutionary new idea of bringing inspirational music into your living rooms, churches and meeting grounds.

Want to know more? Want to take part? Want to help enable?

Follow this link and learn how you can join us.


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