Is Anybody Listening? — A Few Thoughts #3


Dear Friend,

Yet again.

We don’t create products and try to sell them hoping people will buy them.  Rather, as a company, we listen to our tribe and find out what they want from us and then go to work.

We’re different in this respect.  We listen.  (We wrote a whole show about this.)

Then we respond with product.  That’s what our digital sheet music division is all about.  That’s what Solo Thoughts is all about.  We responded to a need out there.  And we’ve stayed alive because of it.

So Julia, after her 7 years as soloist at The Mother Church, took it to the churches and toured for 3 years.  50-60 concerts in 3 years.  The letters poured in with basically the same message over and over.  “When is Julia coming to our city?”

And I began to think, “How can we satisfy the demand?” And I began to explore the new technologies.

And now 3 years later we know that we have a great idea here and a great facility to satisfy the demands and desires of our tribe.

“If you build it, they will come.” The voice in the movie said.  So we built it.  Now it’s time to come.

Here’s the link to our project: Is Anybody Listening? Theatrical Concert and Webcast

Many thanks for listening,


THANK YOU to those who have already funded our project.
We kept you on this list so that you can follow and/or spread the word.

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