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IAL Funder Letter #1

Saturday, March 26th, 2016



Dear Friend,

We’re close.  We’re almost there.

I am writing to bring you news of the progress and great growth of our exciting project.

As you probably already know, our company, Watchfire Music, along with the Sheen Center for Thought and Culture in New York City, is now producing a new project called

“Is Anybody Listening? – Concert Theater and Webcast”

It is an evening of inspirational music designed to bring awareness and healing to many of the world issues we all face.

The pilot production, performed by some of NYC’s top talent, opens this July at the Sheen Center in Manhattan and runs through the summer. The show is designed as a live concert piece that will also be filmed for use in shorter segments and webcast all summer to a world-wide audience.

Here is a further insight into the project.

In my over 40 years working as a composer, music producer and stage director in the entertainment business I can’t remember being so excited as I am now.

What is the evening all about?

It’s about the Scarcity of Water, the Dilemmas of Racism, the Dignity of Women, the Struggles with Aging … and it’s about Love – and its potential to heal these problems and more.  And it’s all communicated through the power of music and song.

It’s a new and groundbreaking idea.  It melds the power of Internet technology with live theater and music in a way that’s really never been done before.  So this summer we’ll be developing this idea in a pilot production and webcasting it to the world with the confidence that “Seeing is believing.

We’re writing to you as potential “early believers.” Our RocketHub funding campaign brought us to this point and provided monies for casting, staffing, music preparation and start up costs. We’re now poised, cast and ready to go into rehearsal after five years of careful experimentation and preparation.  Now, we turn to you — our friends, families and followers — for your financial support.  As an “early believer,” you will give light to this project.”

Want to learn more?

Follow these links:

Donor Levels

Visit the web page:

Listen and Watch:

Imagine Your Own Customized Concert Webcasts

Donate Now:

Thank you for joining us and being part of this inspiring journey!

With love and appreciation to each of you,

Peter Link

The Glorious Expansion Of An Idea

Tuesday, February 16th, 2016

Why does a light bulb symbolize an idea? Because it represents the expansion of light – the pouring in of light upon a particular subject.

And that’s exactly what is happening now with Is Anybody Listening? – Concert Theater and Webcast. The light around it is growing brighter every day.

It started out to be a piece of concert theater that explored the lost art of listening through music and song, but it has developed these past few months into a far wider and even potentially mammoth project that through both music, multimedia and live performance will explore the awareness, and subsequently the healing of the problems of the world around us.

Consider the power of Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie’s We Are The World released in 1985 and unifying the world, raising millions for charities and going quadruple Platinum in a few short weeks.

Consider the impact of the Beatles’ All You Need Is Love to the Woodstock Nation of people uniting under the banner of Love and essentially standing up against the war in Viet Nam and working for peace.

Consider Peter, Paul and Mary’s If I Had A Hammer, Paul Simon’s Homeless, Joni Mitchel’s Parking Lot …

 The list goes on and on.

Music is a timeless connective that goes beyond language and culture and has the power to unify thought.

And so Is Anybody Listening? — more than any one thing — is about Awareness.

The first step of healing is always to identify the problem, the cause – not the result, but the mental cause of a problem. This is our intention here at Watchfire Music – to identify World Issues that need our attention – not through fear mongering headlines, but through positive value focus on awareness and healing. And while we’re at it, be highly entertaining.

Have you ever been healed by a song? Many have. Music is one of the most powerful tools of communication that we have to effect world thought.

So in June of 2016 we will first present the pilot performance of this endeavor, Is Anybody Listening? and then run it all summer as we develop it at the Sheen Center for Thought and Culture, New York’s newest arts center.

Our first act’s offerings will explore the World Issues of the universal quest for Truth, the dignity of women, racism, aging and dementia, dissolution and solution, and the present solution to it all, Love.

The second act will take one of the greatest problems we face in the future, that of Global Water Scarcity, and begin to investigate it in depth. Aptly named H2O, the concert and webcast uses nature’s cycle of water as a metaphor for mankind’s journey, his grappling with mortality and its multifarious meanings, and finally mankind’s eventual rise to a higher consciousness.

As water follows its natural cycle from sky to earth, to river to ocean, and back to the heavens, so man struggles in the same metaphorical cycle. “H2O” deals strongly with the world-wide problems with water today, its relationship to global warming, and correlates these issues with man’s moral responsibilities to the planet and its people.

The very same water

That is wetting your lips

May have flowed through the streets

Down in New Orleans


Or flowed down the cheeks

And spilled upon the piano keys

As the brilliant Tchaikovsky sat

And wrote his Pathétique.


Here on this rock

As we journey through time

We live by the grace of water

For it bears within its essence

This miracle of life

And infuses this life into the world

From “Water”, Music and Lyrics by Peter Link

Here on this planet, “Where there is no water, there is no life.” And yet life is everlasting, eternal. A higher consciousness will some day clarify this seeming contradiction and put an end to this fear of scarcity. This is the kind of awareness that we hope to bring to mankind. We are not governed by the laws of matter as it seems, but rather, ultimately, by the laws of Spirit and the Spiritual world that our Spiritual leaders have been revealing to us for centuries.

We hope to continue this exploration through music and lyrics, using the new and exciting tools of technology that are at our fingertips to communicate our findings.

We hope you will join us in this endeavor.


Marivic Bay Mabanag

For funding opportunities and partnerships


Cell: 415.845.5004


Peter Link

CEO & Creative Director

Watchfire Music




Great News!

Monday, December 14th, 2015

funder_community_4 - 450

Just in. As of last Friday and a two hour creative meeting with the staff of the Sheen Center for Thought and Culture, our project has taken a quantum leap forward!

In addition to the webcast, Watchfire Music in conjunction with the Sheen Center would also create a series of 20-minute Music/Video modules that address a myriad of world problems from a library of interchangeable video songs that will provide the content for each 20-minute module.

This all comes under the banner of “Is Anybody Listening?”

The modules would be used to focus the imagination and attention of people around the world on the problems that we face and the solutions that are at our fingertips.

The modules would address a number of issues and can be re-purposed at will to fit the needs of organizations around the world. They would be presented through webcasts and video streaming with live hosting by, but not limited to, the following:

Individuals Seeking Inspiration
Fund Raising Benefits
Theatrical Presentations
Nonprofit Charitable Organizations
Church Groups

Here are some of the issues that the modules would address:

Healing Response to World Tragedy
Water — Global Water Crisis
Corporate Promotions and Public Opinion Issues
Corporate Workshops
The Intercession of Science and God in the Universe
Shootings and Gun Control
Non-Denominational Spiritual Seeking
Spiritual Awareness
Healing Depression
Life, Death and Beyond
Armed Conflict and the Nuclear Potential
Poverty and Hunger

So even the Theatrical Concert and Webcast, “Is Anybody Listening” can be shaped to fit your organization’s needs in length and content.

Pretty cool, huh?

Your contribution will support all of this. Campaign ends this coming Wednesday, the 16th.

Thanks for listening.

Is Anybody Listening? — A Few Thoughts #1

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015


Dear Friend,

I’m going to write a series of letters to you over the next couple of weeks on the subject of our RocketHub Crowd Funding Campaign.

Hopefully they will be insightful, entertaining and informative, but one thing for certain – I’ll keep ‘em short.

The first point is that crowd funding has changed over the last five years since we did our first. We raised over $12,000 in 3 weeks to support the release of my Goin’ Home CD.

Back then, it was a novelty, this crowd funding idea – this idea of giving just for the simple act of giving. Today, it’s probably been over exposed – everybody’s asking and fewer are giving.

I was concerned about this aspect going into this project, but the need was there on our part and it clearly solves a great need on our tribe’s part, so both Julia and I thought it a no brainer.

We started out great! 20% within the first week …

But I promised to keep it short, so …

I hope you’ll stick with me here.

Please visit our “Is Anybody Listening?” project and watch the video.

We’ll speak again soon.

Many thanks for listening,


THANK YOU to those who have already funded our project.
We kept you on this list so that you can follow and/or spread the word.

Time In A Bottle

Thursday, November 12th, 2015

Time In A Bottleç

“Time in a Bottle” was a hit single by singer-songwriter Jim Croce. Croce wrote the lyrics after his wife Ingrid told him she was pregnant with his son, Adrian, in December 1970.

The story goes that ABC, his record company, originally did not intend to release the song as a single, but when Croce was killed in a plane crash in September of 1973, the song’s lyrics, dealing with mortality and the wish to have more time, had additional resonance.

The song subsequently received a large amount of airplay as an album track and demand for a single release built. When the single was eventually issued, it became his second and final No. 1 hit.

Noah brought the song to me to record because it is his dad, Michael’s, favorite song. I had no trouble at all complying with his wishes because I’ve always loved the song as well.

One day, while orchestrating the song in my studio, the idea came to me that Noah must be a kid who is certainly enjoying his childhood. Moving from 12 to 13 is a big step and, though with it comes the excitement of his teenage years, leaving behind a most special childhood must be harder than for most.

So the idea that “Time / Tapping on my window pane / Telling me to hurry up and grow old” struck me as a way to launch the song about the desire to hold on to the moment of childhood just a little bit longer.

Broadway singing is often what I call singing to hit the back wall of the theater. It’s often big voice singing that requires big voice production. Studio singing on a $4000 microphone is a whole other ballgame. The ability to sing loud has absolutely nothing to do with the process. I like to tell my artists that the mic in the studio is like someone sitting right in front of you very close, and the mic is their ear. Sing into that someone’s ear.

So this was a new kind of vocal production for Noah – and I believe he took to it quite well. This song is a perfect example of Noah’s foray into pop singing and studio mic technique.

Like most things Noah goes after, here he again excels.

One day even before we started the mixing process, we invited Dad into the studio to hear a ruff mix of the song. Michael sat and listened intently. Noah never took his eyes off his father. The tears that formed in his father’s eyes brought tears to my own.

It was one of our best moments in the studio.


Noah at 12

Noah at 12

Noah at 14

Noah at 14

Time In A Bottle

Music and Lyrics by Jim Croce

Additional Music and Lyrics by Peter Link


Tapping on my window pane

Telling me to hurry up and grow old


But if I could save time in a bottle

The first thing that I’d like to do

Is to save ev’ry day

Til’ eternity passes away

Just to spend them with you


If I could make days last forever

If words could make wishes come true

I’d save ev’ry day

Like a treasure and then again

I would spend them with you


But there never seems to be enough time

To do the things you want to do

Once you find them


I’ve looked around enough to know

That you’re the one I want to go through time with


Time is tapping on my window pane

Telling me to hurry up

Hurry up and grow old

Stealing ev’ry precious moment

Like a thief in the night


But if I had a box just for wishes

And dreams that had never come true

The box would be empty

Except for the mem’ry of

How they were answered by you


But there never seems to be enough time

To do the things you want to do

Once you find them


And oh, don’t you know

That I’ve looked around enough to know

That you’re the one I want to go through time with


If I could save time in a bottle

The first thing that I’d like to do

Is to save ev’ry day

Til’ eternity passes away

Just to spend them with you

With you




If I could save time in a bottle

I’d spend all my moments with you






Deep Waters – Part 1

Monday, May 6th, 2013

silky-blue-watersGlad to be back.  Too long away from writing daily and I’ve missed it.  It’s always been a great chance to think – about life, work, creativity – Inspiration.

Live is so full now and so balance is key.  Not having this time to think is not smart and one thing is for sure: When we’re really busy, we must live smart.

We must give ourselves time to think.

So here goes …

Just after Christmas of 2012 I had an idea.  It was an idea that I hoped would stimulate record sales for Watchfire Music.  We all know it’s a weird world out there today regarding the sale of recorded music.  Music is fast becoming free and we musicians must figure out a way to contend with this change of world thought and somehow scrape through and be able to put food on the table.

Julia Wade, our number one artist on Watchfire Music, sells especially well when she records sacred music.  The more secular but still Inspirational part of her career is developing nicely and her CD, Silk Road, has done as well as expected.  But we thought it might be time to put out a CD for her fans that would continue our commitment to soloists in churches around the world.

So this next release, Deep Waters, will be a 3-song CD that will be optionally bundled with the sheet music from each song as well.  Additionally I wanted to do something special with this CD and offer more than what we did on her very successful Affirmations CD of a year ago that was also a 3-song CD.  You know – enhance the experience.

So I dove into this project with a great excitement and came out the other end with a Suite of 3 songs, each prefaced and separated by an orchestrated instrumental section that set up each song.  Though the instrumental sections are fully orchestrated, we made a decision to keep the songs with piano/keyboard only to help clarify the experience of singing these songs in church.

I’m grateful to announce that I believe this concept to be working beautifully.  It has a magical quality of evolution that, as a composer, I am very happy with and has stimulated me continually.

In the next few weeks before the release both Julia and I will talk at length about all this in both our Blogs – Sparks From The Fire and her Inspiratus.

If you’re interested in the development of this new concept, please stay tuned.  We hope this to be a landmark album in our work together and are already preparing several more of similar style.

The warm weather is coming, so get out that bathing suit and get ready to take the plunge.  We’re well on our way into Deep Waters.


Monday, December 10th, 2012

Several nights ago I woke up with a cramp in my calf.  As I lay there trying to relax both leg and mind, I knew that the pressures of my recent days had brought me to this point of dysfunction.

Finally, being unsuccessful in letting the thoughts go and the cramp worsening, I got up, put my robe on, and left the bedroom so as not to disturb my sleeping wife.

I began to first hobble groggily, then walk through the living room, kitchen, hallway, circling through my apartment praying and stretching as the pain and tension subsided.  I walked for about 10 minutes until my mind cleared and the pain went away.

On what was to be my last lap I suddenly stopped in the middle of the living room rug as I contemplated both mental condition and body and this thought came searing through my brain: We are the inventions of a far greater mind. 

I began to think once again about what a wondrous invention my body is and how it has really very little to do with me.  I didn’t create it, I don’t understand it, I don’t really maintain it, it even appears, at times, to be self healing, etc., etc. – thoughts I’ve had all to often of late.

I walked on …

I began to imagine a man sitting somewhere in another dimension, an alien from outer space perhaps, ;o) certainly a mind far greater than my own feeble flutterings, perhaps working on a hobby like a person might build a ship in a bottle.

This mind or ‘man’ or ‘woman’ or ‘being’ decides, in its spare time, to occupy his giant brain by building a universe and placing in the middle of that universe a fascinating little ball of matter called Planet Earth.

Then being bored with this universe thing, he (or she) decides to populate it with little beings – all different, with these fascinating micro bodies that are splendid inventions of technology …

You get the idea. (more…)

A Composer’s Education – Part 1

Monday, August 6th, 2012

A Younger Peter Link

I have to blame my father.  He got me started on the drums at the age of 6.  It was my passion as a youth and I never had to be told to go practice.  So I grew up inside the rhythm.  A solid start.

And then there was Jack Eyerly, my first real mentor and our chorus director at Principia Upper School.  He grabbed me up and taught me, stimulated me, believed in me.  And he pushed me, though he never had to push hard.  He mostly helped me see that I could do it – that I had real talent.

And then there was Sanford Meisner, my acting teacher, my life teacher, the man who taught me how to be a creator, how to get inside the character, how to stimulate the emotions, how to concretize the moments, how to hook on to the muse.  He was the best teacher I ever had – besides life.

And finally I was thrust out into the world – age 23, green, naïve, … extremely lucky.

I wrote, with a partner, named C.C. Courtney, an Off-Broadway musical called Salvation.  He wrote book and lyrics and I wrote the music.  We both starred in the show.  It was in the heyday of Off-Broadway when the real action was in the small theaters and Broadway was stale and confused.  Hair was pretty much the only thing happenin’ and the rock musical was very unrealized.  Salvation was an 8-character rock musical that was what one might call “anti-religious”.  Anti organized religion really.

The show was meant to be revolutionary, to slap the audience in the face following in the footsteps of Hair.  It did, and the audience and the critics loved it.  Looking back, it was definitely sophomoric and not a piece that I’m proud of.  But it was Off-Broadway’s biggest hit and ran for 2 years and played in 11 different countries.  Out of the show came a song that was a million-selling hit and #1 on the Billboard Pop charts in the summer of 1970.  It’s ridiculously long title broke all the rules, but also gathered a strange kind of attention – If You Let Me Make Love To You Then Why Can’t I Touch You?

It gave me my start.  It set me up immediately as a NY composer for the theater.  Suddenly I was a Broadway composer and I probably had not seen more than 10 musicals in my life.  I thought, “Boy, this is easy!  Write some songs, be a star, make lots of money.”

Then came the fall.  With my same partner I wrote another musical called Earl Of Ruston.  My partner and I disagreed throughout the experience and actually broke up before opening night, this time on Broadway.  I hated the show and walked away from it.  He was the star and the director, the book writer and the lyricist and held the power this time.  I wanted no part of what I thought was a mess.  The critics agreed.  It flopped and ran for just 4 performances.

My career looked to be short lived. (more…)

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