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Healing Of Poisoning

Sunday, January 24th, 2016


One morning while brushing my teeth I called my wife over and asked her to check out an itchy place on the upper back of my left arm – a place hard to see in the mirror. She responded, “Yeah, you have a little red rash about the size of my thumb there. Just keep it clean and it will go away.”

I forgot about it for a couple of days; then I decided to check it out myself using two mirrors. The rash had not gone away and, in fact, was bigger. The following morning it had spread down my arm nearly to my elbow.

At this point I made a big mistake. I went on line and typed in the description of it in Google hoping to find a quick and simple holistic cure. What came back at me was frightening. On several sites my description matched up perfectly with a known disease that was curable, but all sites told me that this problem would be recurring now for the rest of my life – it would come and go, but there was no permanent cure for it.

I’ve been taught that there are 3 steps in healing: 1. Identify the problem, 2. Cast out the erroneous belief, the mental cause of the problem, and 3. Fill the void with powerful truths that establish that I am the perfect child of God.

My mistake was that I thought that identifying the problem meant that I needed to become aware of the name of the disease. Not so.

Along with my growing fear, the rash progressed rapidly and by the third morning my entire left arm was covered with red boiling skin and I wondered if I had been bitten by a spider because my arm had clearly been poisoned. I could see it. It began to swell and the pain in my fingertips was like needles stabbing whenever I touched anything.

I had never had anything remotely like this in my life. I wore a long sleeve shirt and then a glove so that my wife could not see this because I did not want to scare her and have her hold this image in her mind.

In my life I’ve never gone to doctors, never taken medicine and never gone to the hospital because I’ve handled all my physical problems with prayer and a scientific approach to healing that I’ve been able to work for over 60 years. Also as a child my mother was a terrific healer who taught me the principles of not only healing, but also simply staying healthy. I’ve led a blessed life.

So I never considered going to a doctor or finding a medicinal cure. That idea was just not in my system.

I knew I had to really tackle this because the condition was advancing so rapidly and I could feel and see it moving from my arm into my body.

I told my wife, Julia, that I was going to go into our bedroom, shut the door, and not come out until I had this thing under control. I told her to stay out and just leave food at the door and knock. She completely supported my wishes.

The first day in my room I prayed, I read and studied the Bible and several books and articles on healing that gave me powerful truths to work with and think about in my quest.

I knew I had to first dispel the fear and quickly realized my mistake in going on line and identifying the name of the disease. This act had given me nothing but fear to contend with.

I realized that the first step of “Identifying the problem” did not mean to identify the physical problem, but rather it meant to identify the mental cause of the physical manifestation. I asked myself, “What mental thoughts had poisoned my thinking resulting in a poisoned arm?”

I made a list. I spent several hours that first day looking deeply at my life and my erroneous thinking. I searched through relationships with other people, my business ethics, my confusions of sexuality, my angers, my resentments, my regrets, and I came up with seven or eight real confusions in my life. I wrote these down in a notebook that was full of uplifting thoughts that I had collected. Some of these confusions were more recent and some were life long. I approached my thinking with a fine-tooth comb and left no stone unturned (to mix the metaphor).

I went to sleep that night determined to right these wrongs in my thinking, but exhausted by the day’s concentrated metaphysical work, upset with myself for letting my thinking get away from me, and still afraid that this might be too big a problem for me to handle.

When I woke up the next morning the rash was much worse. It had spread across my chest and stomach and was now half way down my right arm as well and crawling up my neck into my face. I remember looking in the mirror into my own eyes and saying out loud, “Well, Pete, it’s now or never. You’ve got to take a mighty stand here and align yourself in God’s Love for you.” I knew I needed to see only the perfect man, destroy the tremendous fear that was welling up in my body and mind and find out for once and for all if I could handle this healing thing with strength and assurance.

I went back to work. I looked deeply at my seven ‘sins’ and sorted out the errors of my thinking until each wrong was righted, promises to myself made and right thinking restored.

I did not work at all on healing a rash, my arm or the name of a disease. I worked on healing and eradicating poisonous thought. Better said, I eradicated poisonous thought problem by problem, step by step. I worked on my commitment to my own purity, and where I saw impurity, I cleansed.

I decided not to check myself in the mirror because I knew that the physical manifestation was not the cause but the result. So my only concern was the cause. Eliminate the cause and there can be no result. This made perfect sense, so I stayed with this practice and demonstration for about 6 hours.

Julia would occasionally knock and ask, “How ya’ doin’?” I would answer, “Hold only the highest thought for me.” She did.

About 6:00 that evening of the second day of seclusion, as my fearful thought began to break, the skin on my arm also began to break and drain. I had to change my shirt several times that night and I did not get much sleep because of the itching, but I knew that the itching was a sign of healing and one time when I changed my shirt I did notice that the rash had not progressed the way fear had suggested it might.

I finally got about 2 hours sleep after the sun had risen on the 3rd day.

When I woke up, I went right back to work purifying my thought. Julia had been sleeping out on the couch in the living room, brought me breakfast, knocked and left it at the door. I ate and went right back to work. I made deep promises to myself, and deep commitments to my understood truths of behavior and thinking.

One example of the depth of my thinking was this:

As a young boy I was always fascinated with war. My playmates and I would spend long hours every afternoon lying under the bed or hiding in closets fending off the Germans or the “Japs.” I carried these childhood fantasies forward in my life in the following way. Often at night as I lay in bed trying to go to sleep, I would imagine myself in a foxhole with a machine gun. The enemy would be coming across the no man’s land before me in the darkness and I would shoot up a flare to light their approach and mow them down.

The foxhole was safe. I knew I would never die. It was my way of feeling protected from all harm. It was a weird and very false means of personal safety. In my work during those three days, I clearly understood the fallacy of this bad habit. I also understood that I had gone to sleep for far too many nights killing people. I was shocked at this realization and so clearly saw the error of my ways that I committed to never allowing that scenario to enter my mind again. I have since refused to pick up a gun in my imagination. I’m done with that fantasy.

I had to then find peaceful ways of entering sleep and I did.

This habitual error of thinking was clearly poisonous. Actually the habit was easy to stop because I so clearly understood the wrong of it.

About 5:00 that afternoon on the 3rd day. I opened the door to my bedroom and came out for the first time. I said to Julia, “I’m healed.” And she responded, “I know.” The rash was still there, but I knew the cause was gone. No cause/no result.

When I work up the next morning the rash was only on my arm and had totally disappeared from the rest of my body. By mid day the rash had disappeared from my hand and forearm and within the next day was gone completely except for one little spot high up on my left arm where it had started.

I cannot even begin to describe the feelings of gratitude, triumph and joy I felt at this wondrous healing. My skin simply came back to its full normality with an instantaneousness that was a true testament to the power of mental healing.

An interesting note here: The 1”x1” spot hung on for two weeks on my arm. I saw it as a reminder that I had several major new commitments in life to demonstrate. It was a warning not to let go of the truths that I had learned and realized in my 3 days. In a strange/odd way, I was grateful for it. It said to me, “Don’t forget this lesson. Don’t become complacent and let things slide. Stay committed to your new-found principles. Prove the efficacy of your realizations. When, in the next two weeks, I was able to reconstruct my life with new and better habits, the spot disappeared – for good.

A very wise track coach once said to us in an inspirational prayer meeting before a track meet, “Boys, a healing, as you know, is no further away than your next thought … but then the thought after that, and the thought after that, and the thought after that, and the thought after that, …”

This always stuck with me.

I’ve stayed with the truths discovered back then in my life and in the four years since have experienced no further rash, poison or recurrence. I’m clear that as I stay to my principles, I am safe in the arms of Love.

That one healing was so worth the agony, the fear, the pain. I learned from it – big time.

I’m a better man for the experience.


Teaser – Julia Wade’s New CD, Silk Road

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

We’re now in the final throes of recording and mixing Julia Wade’s new CD, Silk Road – Inspirational Journeys Across Planet Earth.  Some of the material of this new work was actually started nearly two years ago and then the project was tabled when we developed her Solos CD as a farewell gift to the Christian Science community when she finished her tenure as Soloist in Boston.

But we knew we had something really interesting going in Silk Road and we couldn’t wait to get beck to it.

The CD is due to hit the streets in early December and will be our major impetus throughout the holiday season.  She has just two more vocals to complete, all the orchestrations are completed and by the end of this next week I’ll be half way through the mixing.

It’s simply a most special project.  You’ll say, “Aren’t they all?” and I must answer, “Of course, but this one’s, for both of us, particularly transforming.”

Silk Road marks Julia’s arrival at the threshold of a new evolution in her music.  Her departure from her past carries forth her commitment to inspire through song not only on a sacred level, but also with an in depth look at the issues of our world at large and the individual human condition.

So it’s an album of songs that will continue to inspire her growing fan base with fresh new looks at spiritual reach through songs like Thinking Made It So and Julie Gold’s When He Walks With Me, but it also ventures into new territory dealing with the issues of our world today.

For the first time she now tries her hand at lyric writing and scores instantly with her own thoughts on What Peace Looks Like from the perspective of three children of the world from Uganda, the Sudan, and the ghettos of Kingston, Jamaica.  The title song, Silk Road, promises a comparison of the ancient Silk Roads spanning China, Tibet and Europe with the modern day impact of the Internet.

And then there are the songs of love … (more…)

A Corner On Truth – 2012

Friday, July 13th, 2012

I think about truth a lot.  It’s fast becoming my life’s greatest interest – far out-pacing music, money, and the Yankees.  Daily dealings with all the various concepts of the word “Inspirational” seem to focus my life more and more on the spiritual.  I’m not resisting it; in fact, I’m opening up to it.  And it’s certainly opening up to me.

We’re in a spiritual age.  Looking back through history, these ages come in cycles.  This is the next one.  Go into any bookstore.  Books for seekers abound.  Christian music is the one genre of music that has actually grown during this terribly trying time in the music industry.  Oprah announces discussions with Eckhart Tolle on line and millions show up to partake.  Never before has content for seekers been more available.

I study my own religion, but I read voraciously Wayne Dyer, Yogananda, Ram Dass, Spalding’s Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East, Joseph Smith’s Book Of Mormon, The Gospel According to Jesus, Tolle’s A New Earth and on and on.  I like to say, “I’m getting’ it any way I can.”  Truth, that is.

Stop at Judgement; turn right on Truth

One thing strikes me along this road.  Why is it that so many people think they have a corner on truth?  How preposterous to think that the Christians are right and everybody else is wrong – that the Sunnites are better than the Shiites.  There’s gotta be truth to every religion – otherwise, why would people be drawn to it in the first place.

I suggest it’s not religion that separates us, but language.  “The words are different, so the philosophy’s gotta be different” is the mistake we humans make.  And we Christians are some of the worst offenders.  How arrogant to think that only Jesus got it right.  Jesus did get it right, but he wasn’t alone. (more…)

Thoughts On “Today”

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

“Thoughts On ‘Today’” is the last of a 12 part series of posts reflecting on the songs of Julia Wade’s CD, Solos, with lyrics from the writings of Mary Baker Eddy and Music by Peter Link.

The most important books I’ve read over the last couple of decades besides the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy are, without a doubt, The Power of Now and The New Earth by Eckhart Tolle.  In his The Power of Now, Mr. Tolle sets forth reasoning on living in the nowness of life in such a compelling manner that it changed my life, changed the way I thought and acted, and along the way changed the way I look at life.  I can easily say that it brought to me a way of living that made me a much happier man and one who is much freer of two dramatic issues that haunt human beings daily – regret and fear.

Basically, I learned and understood that regret is living moment to moment in the past and that fear is living moment to moment in the future and that both are totally wrong choices and complete mistakes.  I had a preface to this understanding through the reading and study of Science and Health.   Mrs. Eddy talks about living in the now and deals with it several places in her book.  What took me over the top in my thinking in The Power of Now is that Tolle dedicates his entire book to the concept.

Mrs. Eddy, however, begins her book with these words that set forth the speculation that living totally in the now of life is the only way to practice life when she writes,

“To those leaning
on the sustaining infinite,
today is big with blessings.”

Though she does not use the word “now” she clearly means it.  This short statement of truth is packed with portent and has been a mantra for me for six decades.  The understanding of the truths contained therein has righted many a day for me that got off the track.

Lean on the infinite and you will be blessed.  Right now. Get out of the past and keep your thought out of the future and the blessings will flow.

So when I began this great adventure of writing songs from Mrs. Eddy’s iconic prose statements, it seemed only natural to start at the beginning with one that had played such an important part of my life. (more…)

Thoughts On “Footsteps of Truth”

Friday, May 11th, 2012

“Thoughts On ‘Footsteps of Truth’” is one of a 12 part series of posts reflecting on the songs of Julia Wade’s CD, Solos, with lyrics from the writings of Mary Baker Eddy and Music by Peter Link.

We walk in the footsteps of Truth and Love
by following the example of our Master
in the understanding
of divine metaphysics.

To me, this song is about following – following the example of our Master.  The sixth and last tenet of Christian Science states, “And we solemnly promise to watch and pray for that mind to be in us which was also in Christ Jesus …” Most Christian Scientists use this tenet as a daily prayer.

It’s quite a statement, quite a promise.  I’ll have to admit that I’ve broken this solemn promise far too many times.  If ya’ think about it, it’s a lot to live up to.  It’s a promise to follow in his footsteps, to follow his example.

On the surface, this song often strikes me as the simplest lyric of the 12 songs, but upon further consideration, it may be the strongest statement of commitment.

We first acknowledge that certain truths are absolute.  Then we do all we can to move in the direction of those truths.

Whatever inspires with wisdom, Truth, or Love
be it song, sermon, or Science

blesses the human family
with crumbs of comfort
from Christ’s table,
feeding the hungry
and giving living waters
giving living waters
to the thirsty.

Two wondrous metaphors used throughout the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy are “light” and “water”.  Both represent inspiration passing from God to mankind.  In a previous post entitled, “Thoughts On Divine Love” I found myself using the water image endlessly pouring forth from the fountain to describe God’s Love filling our souls.

Here Mrs. Eddy illuminates the act of inspiration with the giving of living waters to the thirsty.  It is Julia’s and my great hope that these songs will, on some levels, fulfill Mrs. Eddy’s proclamation of “… be it song, sermon, or Scienceblesses the human family …

Going forth, after we have committed daily to following in the Master’s footsteps, we must stay to the course.

One’s aim,
a point beyond faith,
should be to find
the footsteps of Truth,
the way to health and holiness.

And what rewards!  Health and holiness.  Perhaps the two most important necessities of the human experience.  Why else are we here, but to demonstrate these two concepts?  All other good must follow these two ideas. (more…)

Thoughts On “Divine Love”

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

“Thoughts On ‘Divine Love’” is one of a 12 part series of posts reflecting on the songs of Julia Wade’s CD, Solos, with lyrics from the writings of Mary Baker Eddy and Music by Peter Link.

Here is a song that was as natural to write as the act of breathing.  It starts at the end really.  The final words of the song were the first words I chose.

The vital part,
the heart and soul of Christian Science,
is Love.

Mary Baker Eddy probably uses this word as a synonym for God in her writings more than any other concept.  And who’s to argue with that?

Love is the liberator.
No power can withstand divine Love.

Say it again …

Love is the liberator.
No power can withstand divine Love.

In my life this is an absolute.  Feeling stressful?  Love more?  Have relationship problems?  Love more.  Struggling with disease or injury?  Love more.  Broke?  Love more.

When in doubt, love more.

Wait patiently
for divine Love to move
to move upon the waters
of mortal mind,
and form the perfect concept.

You’re not waiting for God to get to work, you know.  What we wait for is for our own consciousness to fill with love.  God is instant.  Love is instant.  It is mortal mind or ego that we wait for.  The process sometimes takes time because it is consciousness that needs to change, not God, not Love.

Love inspires,
illumines, designates,
and leads the way.

It is Love that leads the way, illuminating the roads we travel with God’s light so that we may see the errors of our ways and eradicate those mistakes.  It is Love that inspires us to get to work, to heal, to forgive, to a change of base in consciousness so that healing may take its natural, not miraculous, course.

God is Love.
Can we ask Him to be more? (more…)

Thoughts On “Dominion”

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

“Thoughts On ‘Dominion’” is one of a 12 part series of posts reflecting on the songs of Julia Wade’s CD, Solos, with lyrics from the writings of Mary Baker Eddy and Music by Peter Link.

“The enslavement of man is not legitimate.” — Mary Baker Eddy

The American Civil War was fought over just this issue between the years of 1861 and 1865.  Soon after this time period Mary Baker Eddy was writing her best-selling and thought-changing book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and putting down her own thoughts on slavery

Wikipedia states, “After four years of warfare, mostly within the Southern states, the Confederacy surrendered and slavery was outlawed everywhere in the nation. (The slavery) Issues that led to war were partially resolved in the Reconstruction Era that followed, though others remained unresolved.”

So this issue, which had so polarized the mindset of a nation so that brother fought brother was clearly on the forefront of people’s thought.

She continues…

It will cease when man enters
into his heritage of freedom,
God-given dominion …

Though the slaves had been freed, at the time, the issues of slavery would certainly not have been solved or even agreed upon for that matter.  By the end of the war our country would have still been polarized in its thinking as Southern and some Northern farmers were forced to give up their free work force and begin again.

So Mrs. Eddy wrote of her time and took her stand on not only this national issue, but also went a giant step further in the finishing of this iconic sentence.

over the material senses.

Dominion over not just civil enslavement, but … over the material senses!

Though slavery had been abolished, she knew that the enslavement of man was far from being over until man was and is able to free himself from the chains of materialism. (more…)

Thoughts On “Mind’s Camera”

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

“Thoughts On ‘Mind’s Camera’” is one of a 12 part series of posts reflecting on the songs of Julia Wade’s CD, Solos, with lyrics from the writings of Mary Baker Eddy and Music by Peter Link.

Focus.  This song is all about focus.

One of the things I miss the most about my new digital camera is that it has an automatic focus.  It won’t let me focus the camera, rather it does the focusing for me.  Many years ago I got totally into my old Pentax for about a decade and shot a coupla thousand pictures of everything imaginable.  What made the pictures most interesting, besides composition and content, was my ability to direct the viewer’s eye to one particular point of the picture.  The ability to focus that old camera made my pictures real personal impressions of life’s moments.

These days, with my digital camera, it decides where the eye should look and that makes my pictures more into what I would call ‘snapshots’ as opposed to artistic choices of my own personal points of view.

Now I often forget my camera and even when I do remember to take it, my pictures are seldom interesting to me.  Even when they’re in focus, it’s not my particular focus, it’s the camera’s focus.  When I do get a good picture occasionally, I just consider myself lucky that the camera and I agreed.

What we choose to see in life, the way we see life, the way we experience life is all a matter of focus.  I witnessed a traffic accident a few years back, and in the aftermath, when the cops were interviewing several people who stood on the same corner and witnessed with me, I was amazed to hear the different recounts and completely disparate recollections of each witness.

Each of us, standing in the same spot, had a different focus, and so told a different story.

Whatever the reason we go through this experience here on Planet Earth, and I sometimes think the whole reason we’re here is to find our way back to our true spirituality, some of us get very lost and make little progress and some of us actually spend some real time moving in the right direction.

Those who progress are simply better focused on the right idea and those who wander and even get lost lose focus and go down the wrong paths.

I had a Sunday School student several years ago who was just an terrific all-American kid – bright, spiritually curious, a good athlete, a sweet and gentle person, and an Eagle Scout with a great future before him.  He’s now in Leavenworth Prison locked up for life on a horrendous murder charge.  He was guilty – no question about it.

I believe he simply lost focus.

The crude creations of mortal thought
must finally give place
to the glorious forms
which we sometimes behold
in the camera
of divine Mind,
when the mental picture is spiritual and eternal.
Mortals must look beyond fading, finite forms,
if they would gain the true sense of things.

How can we stay true to our true selves?  I believe that each of us is God’s perfect child, but some of us get off the track and lose our way.

It happened to me.  I spent a decade of my life with a drug addiction, and though some of that decade was very focused and my career successful, over all, looking back, I was completely out of focus and totally barking up the wrong tree.  I know now that I wasted a decade of my life wandering about. (more…)

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