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We’re Running Out Of Time

Saturday, March 11th, 2017

That’s right! We’re now all going so fast that we’re running out of time! Perhaps you don’t even have time to read this!! If so, good luck, cuz there’s not much time left!!!

Left to what?

Think about it … We’re all going faster and faster to what end? Is this really what life is all about? Actually it’s a confusion of opposites. It really makes no sense that we’re going faster and faster and actually are having less time. Going faster and faster does not create MORE time; it just means that we’re going faster and faster in LESS time.

Whoa … Slow down. Take some time to relax. Read a book. Sit down for 45 minutes in front of those speakers and listen to an album, play with your kids, talk to your mate, walk in the park, sit and stare at the moon.

If this sounds old fashioned, you’re in the same trouble that I get into some times by simply going too fast and trying to get too much done.

And to what end? Mo’ money? Mo’ advancement? Mo’ done? Mo’ stress???

In defense of my own work, I’d like you to really listen to the music I create. That’s not while you’re making dinner, or are on the phone with the bank, or even in the car. Now I do know that listening to music in the car has become the preferred way for many, but between the tire noise and the traffic noise and the engine noise you know you’re not really hearing about half of what I wrote – the details of the music that I so painstakingly labored over just for you during those long hours in the studio.

There’s really so much more to the music than you can hear in the car – unless you just stop and pull over at your favorite lookout place up in the mountains.

The biggest culprits, of course, are the internet and new media. They give us so many choices that we are overwhelmed with possibilities and end up trying to do it all – and of course failing. So we go faster and faster. But ya’ know, we’ll never catch up. There’s just far too many things to do in which to spend our time.

It’s a well known fact now that nobody has time to read things on line, so we’ve learned that in order to communicate with you, we always have to make things short, short, short! But some things are just hard to communicate short, short, short! So when we do that, we figure that it will never get communicated.

Like this blog: If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably one of the few. So thanks for stickin’ with me here.

Summary: Slow down certain things in life. Take the time to enjoy life. Relax. A good balance of the two will work better. I know. I’m doing it more and more.

And if you’re still with me here, perhaps you’re one of the few who didn’t need to read this in the first place! :o)

World Of Illusion

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Created by Akiyoshi, the lines in this picture are completely parallel.

We live in a world of illusion.  What appears to the five physical senses to be real is not.

Matter, which occupies most of our waking experience, has been debunked now by quantum physics and where it first seemed to be made of molecules and atoms, now is generally recognized to be made of nothing but waves.

So what are waves made of – and on and on down to nothing.

Like a dream, matter appears to be real, but even the science of physics is now closing in on the fact that there’s nothing really there.


Who Knows Where The Time Goes

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

How do you get time to slow down?  I’m having a lot of fun these days.  Our new site just went up this morning, we’re in the process of signing 10 new artists and 15 new CDs, the company is growing daily, I’m productive and happily married and it’s sum-sum-summertime!

I look at my life and think, “Hey, this is great.  Let the good times roll.”  And then sometimes I have these dreams where I’m back in college and I’m in my early twenties and, though I’m always a little lost, I’m young again.  I wake up startled to find that a whole lotta years have passed and the years seem to be moving even faster to some nebulous end.

I remember my dad saying that his weeks had become like days, his months like weeks and his years like months.  That was always a bit bizarre to me then, but I’m beginning to understand it now.  Time is, after all, just a perception.  Even Einstein said and proved that time isn’t real.

So if it’s not real then how do we make it up to our advantage?  “How do we slow it down and enjoy the now-ness of life more?” is probably the real question.

And there in the question probably lies the answer.  As always, Be Here Now.  The wise ones say that there is no time – only now.  I believe that, even understand it at times.  I try to live the concept, but don’t very often succeed.  Life just gets going too fast and I get caught up in the whirlwind of it all and then the time really rushes on.


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